Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oops! I didn't mean to post this when I did!

 The color looks more teal blue in these pictures, but it's actually 
a true deep country blue. (And I apologize for the blurriness of 
the pics, but they're not bad for my camera phone!) The "black 
wall" to the left of the built-in double oven is our new chalk-
board! (I know--I'm probably the last person in Blog Land to 
use chalkboard paint, but I'm glad I finally got around to it.  I 
have no idea why, but Middle Daughter told me that her daddy 
told her that he thinks this chalkboard is the greatest thing ever!)

 I think this window treatment may need some tweeking, but the 
night I put it up, I was determined to use only what I had on hand
and not to pull out the sewing machine.

 Trying to keep my very-limited counter tops a little less 
cluttered, I gathered up some of my goodies into a thrift store
tray and plopped it all on top of my fridge to keep my ol' 
rooster company.

NOTE: I meant to save this post as a draft until I had some pics to post, so I guess this is kind of a re-post!

I have never been quite happy with the bottom blue kitchen cabinets in the Casita.  Oh, the current shade of blue is MUCH better than the first smurf shade of blue that the painters put on, but, still, they just didn't really suit my little kitchen.  (I guess I should say "our" since the Saint does so much of the cooking.)

On a whim--that's really about how I do everything--I started transforming them a couple of weekends back.  I really didn't have a true plan or outcome in mind, but I do like the way they turned out, and Saint Michael LOVES them, so that makes for a happy kitchen all the way around, right?

Of course, once I got the bottom cabinets done, I realized that I needed to tweek the top white cabinets a bit, too, as the bright white was a little too pristine and stark for the now old-country-kitchen-cabinets look the lower half of the room was now sportin'.  Well, after a little sandin' and some Old English (who says it's just for polishing?), that part's almost finished, too.

As Middle Daughter inspected the changes last weekend, she laughed and shared her husband's response to the news that I was [once again] working on something in the house, "I think there's something wrong with your mom."

Baby Daughter laughed at Son Bill's comment, too, and then expressed her own concern, "Heck, I'm actually more worried Bill--that he's just now thinking that there might be something wrong with you! How long has he been in this family?"

Long enough to be sure, Honey; long enough to be sure.

Now a $7 gallon of blue-gray "oops" paint at Home Depot is calling my name.  Stay posted!



PS.  Obviously, I answered the call of that blue-gray paint, which dried to a true, deep country blue (not the teal shade it appears to be in the pics above.)  The job I estimated would take me 45 minutes to an hour took around four and a half hours. (See why God gave me the Human Alarm Clock to live with?  I have NO sense of time whatsoever!)  But it was worth every minute!  (Definitely worth my $7!)  I'm loving it!

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