Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Horrified Hostess PART 2b

Oooooo!  I've been a baaaaad blogger!  I'm just having a hard time finding the time, my sistas, since the School House has started back up.  And, to be honest, as much as I enjoy it, blogging is way down on my list of priorities this new year.  I'm trying to walk out what I preach, and that means time going to other things.  (Gosh darnit, sometimes it's hard not being my usual self-centered self and not doing just what I'd like to do and, instead, doing what I really NEED to do.)

Today, though, I am able to get in a quickie continuation of our "Horrified Hostess" Series!

The last installment was Part 2, in which we asked ourselves the question, What are we afraid of?  

I guess that post really should've been called Part 2a, since it's going to end up having three parts to it (you know, like the top THREE things we're afraid of) -- 2a being our "Guests" (I advised you to start with your bestest-of-all sista-friends), 2b being the "Food" (that's the post I'm cookin' up today -- g r o a n -- sorry, I couldn't resist!), and finishing up with 2c, the "House."

Now, without further delay, 2b (or not to be . . . sorry, couldn't resist again . . . )

Girlfriend, if the menu is what's stopping you from "entertaining," I've got four words for you: Keep It Simple, Sista! (Also known as the KISS method.)  

After all, there are no rules that say . . . 
  • everything has to made from scratch.
  • you have to make what your mother would make (or in the way your mother makes it).
  • the meal has to be a certain number of courses long.
  • the meal has to be formal.
  • the meal even has to be prepared by your own little hands. (Now that's a biggie, ain't it! In fact, my mother will pass right out if she reads this post.)
My best advice is to find something you are good at, and go with that.  Truly.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.

For example, I can do chili.  There's not much I can do to mess it up, and people usually like it.  So, that's something that's pretty safe for me to plan on doing.  (When Baby Daughter lived at home, I would always get her to make me a pan of lasagna ahead of time, and I'd do a salad and garlic bread. But, alas, Baby Daughter is now in California fixing lasagna for Sailor Man.  Sniff, sniff.)

Here's what a typical "chili" menu might look like at the Casita:

Chili and the Fixin's
(the "fixin's" include grated cheese, 
sour creme, salsa, Fritos, tortilla chips,
sweet corn bread, sliced jalapenos)
 Easiest Ever Dessert Cake
Peach Tea and a Variety of Soft Drinks

(NOTE: I do my chili without beans 'cause I've 
discovered that more people like it without than with.)

Really, what could be much easier?  
 N- O - T - H - I - N - G !

Additional benefits?
  • I can do a big pot of chili ahead of time and then be free to do those last-minute, confidence-boosting pick-ups and fluffings that make me feel a little more company-ready before everyone arrives. (Or I can sit down and relax a minute!)
  • Any leftovers (there usually aren't any, though) are easily frozen for another time or refrigerated for tomorrow's lunch.
  • Chili makes the whole house smell so warm and inviting!
  • I can serve it buffet-style, and people can fix it for themselves in a variety of ways.
  • It works for a lunch-time or dinner-time affair.
  • It's enjoyed by women and men, alike.
I'm not promoting chili, I'm just saying that it's my go-to, easiest ever dish. Find out what yours is, and go with it. (I'm also making the point that your go-to dish doesn't have to be fancy-shmancy!)

If there is one rule for the Horrified Hostess regarding food, though, it's this:  


And today I will leave you on that cryptic note . . . (yes, there are stories!)

Next post, just in case you, too, think that chili might be your thing, I'll tell you just how EASY it can be to make it, along with my Easiest Ever Dessert Cake (that people rave over).

Until then, grins!


PS I have no idea why the spacing is coming out so weird!