Saturday, December 10, 2011


Believe it or not, this is the only 
picture from my Canton trip!
(Well, at least I made it a fun one!)

Bev and I had a great time on our Girl-Trip, despite my losing ALL of my money before we even left our motel.

Yup.  You read that right. 






I have no idea how it happened.  Bev had gone down to the lobby ahead of me to check on something.  I patted the wad (yep, it was a wad) in the front pocket of my jeans as I left our room.  I took the elevator downstairs, checked my E-mail at the motel's computer center, used the downstairs ladies' room, and then Bev and I drove across the street -- literally -- to grab breakfast. As I reached into my pocket at the drive-thru, I realized my pocket was empty. 
We rushed right back across the street to our motel, alerted the staff, and then looked everywhere, as we retraced my steps, but no money.  NO money. No MONEY. None. Zip. Nada.

Y'know what, though? I decided that we were not going to let a rocky start ruin our trip, and it didn't!  I prayed that I'd find my money, but then I did something kinda crazy . . . I reminded myself that everything I have belongs to Papa-God, and I asked Him to use it to bless someone who really needed it. (Bev said she'd pray that whoever found it would feel guilty for not turning it in!  LOL!) 

Don't get me wrong -- sure, I was disappointed that I'd somehow lost my "fun funds" (and truth be told, I felt like a big dummy -- make that a HUGE dummy -- for losing it), but choosing to trust Papa with it made all the difference, I think, in being able to enjoy the rest of the trip and not think of it, instead, as a disaster.

That being said, I did find some fun things to bring home, most of it coming from the Goodwill store in Tyler. (Goodwill accepts debit cards!  And we always stop at the Goodwill in Tyler as part the whole Canton-trip experience.) In fact, I have one project-buy that I found there, but I'm saving it to show you later (like "before" and "after" later -- maybe after Christmas 'cause, hopefully, I'll be able to get it done while I'm off from the School House). 

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful pink . . . uh . . . sculpture?  I've seen this every time I've been to Canton, and it always says the same thing to me:  


And I'm all about sharing the fun, so here it is for you to enjoy, too!

I hope you're doing something fun this weekend!



  1. So sorry about your money! Sounds like you made the best of it! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. That is fun! I kinda want it in my living room :). Thanks for stopping by Hating Martha...glad to stop by your lovely blog!


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