Thursday, December 1, 2011

Canton Trade Days!

 All pictures in this post are from a feature Country Living magazine did on Canton Trade Days.

[Look at those scrumptious colors!  BE STILL, MY HEART!]
I'm going to CANTON for First Monday!  

No, not Canton, Ohio -- Canton, TEXAS! 

Every weekend before the first Monday of each month, Canton, Texas, hosts a huge flea market, antique show, craft fair, yard sale . . . well, an EVERYTHING sale!  If you need something or just plain ol' want something, it gonna be in Canton.  Sister-friend, Bev, and I are leaving right after school for some much needed Girl-Time and some shopping!  I'll try to take some pics and then give you the scoop when I get back to Casita 422!  Until then . . . 


[Yep, this is what Bev and I are going to be doing!]

 [I just LOVE me some junque-diggin'!]

 ["The stars at night . . . are big and bright . . . deep in the heart of Texas" . . . 
but I'll take this kind, too!]

[Stained glass, anyone, IN OLD WINDOWS (!) ? ]

Everything sparkles at Canton!


  1. I have always wanted to go to Canton! My sister went once and told me how great it is. Can't wait to see the treasures you find!


  2. I am past due to go!! But, Hubby took me to Winnie this month. You girls have fun!

  3. Oh be still my heart! I love, love Canton. I just came across your blog and I've enjoyed reading. Yes, I live in Oregon but I take a girlfriend trip every year and always try to make it a Canton weekend. We won't talk about how much stock I have in UPS for shipping home my goodies. So envious!! Have fun and can't wait to see pictures.

  4. I love Canton Trade Days!! So fun. I didn't go this month because I spent all my money there last month (ha!) but this is the BEST time of year to go!

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