Friday, November 11, 2011

"Honey, I'm ho-ome!"

I know I said I was moving back to my original home at Texas Preacher Woman, and I did (though I haven't posted anything over there in months . . . I've just been too tired and busy and then tired again!), but for whatever reason, I just decided to post a little bit here.
I'm feeling the itch to create. I get that way when I've been stressed for a while or too busy to do anything but work, work, work (which has been the case lately. Hey, you KNOW you've been too busy when you actually wish you had a day just to stay home and CLEAN! And, of course, some of us never clean without feathering and fluffy the nest at the same time!).

Thursday evening provided the perfect chance to let the creative juices flow at my church's annual Women's Tapestry Dinner. Women who volunteer to hostess a table decorate it to their heart's content with their own things, and it is always amazing to see what these women come up with! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

My camera's been on the whack for a while now, so I didn't try to take pics of any of the other incredible creations, but I did attempt to capture a few shots of my "Christmas Cookin'" table.

As usual, I didn't come up with a theme until the very last minute. (Remember, I said I was busy -- I know you sistas out there can relate.) I had thought about spray painting some pumpkings in metallic colors and doing something fall-y but finally decided to just go with some things I already had that wouldn't require more industriousness than I had time for.

I drug out my little kitchen Christmas tree and used a clear glass jar filled with cookie cutters as its holder and place it on a distressed country blue tray. I added a gingerbread man tea pot and a larger glass jar filled with more old cookie cutters to the tray and then filled in spaces with shiney red Christmas balls and more cookie cutters and velvety poinsettias.

I place my white plates on chargers on red, gold, and silver charges, and Dollar Tree provided terry cloth potholders in alternating colors -- country blue and red -- to hold a matching dishtowel "napkin" and flatware at each place. Cheap and cute! (I think that pretty much describes ME! LOL!)

Simple votives added some glow; some of the "votives"
I used were little old jars with stars on them that
I found for 15 cents a piece at a tiny thrift store in
Mississippi summer before last.

I wish the colors looked as vibrant in these pictures as
they really were, but considering that they came off my
phone camera . . . I'm just happy they turned out at all!

The little cards that you see at the bottom right hand
of the picture says "Christmas Cooking" and
"Taste and see that the Lord is good . . . " (Psalm 34:6a).

The "Muzslay" you see is an embroidered Christmas tea
towel that Middle Daughter gave me last year.

And those half-price leftover Halloween peanut-butter
M&Ms blended in perfectly with my Christmas colors!

I NEVAH decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving has been celebrated, but this year . . . well, I'm feeling some more creative itching coming on . . .

I hope you are enjoying your upcoming holiday preparations and scratchin' your own itchins'!



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  1. Love this post and the night was fun! Love when those creative juices get to flowin' too.
    Now, you will really be in the Christmas Spirit.


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