Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Heart of the Nest

I know that most folks think the heart of the home is the kitchen.  (These are people who've obviously never eaten my cooking.)  For us, the heart of Casita 422 is the family room (or the "den").  This is where I sit and drink coffee and talk with Papa-God in the early hours of the morning (or sometimes late at night) and then unwind at the end of the day.  (And the Saint has been known to watch a football game or two here. I have to admit, we do love our television.) 

When you step into the den from the entryway, our fireplace and this built-in bookcase are to your right.  (I love this old green cabinet that sister-friend Beverly and I found at a Houston estate sale for $35.  I immediately fell for its original, chippy, crackled apple-green paint and knew that it would for sure be making the move from the Casa to the Casita.) 


When the girls were small, my Little Mama made the Santa that's sitting on the green chest in the previous pic.  She can make just about anything, and for this project a friend gave her some wool straight from a real, live sheep, so she used that for Santa's hair and beard.  (I painted his face on, and he has become a beloved Christmas treasure.) Baby Daughter brought this little clay church home to me from Germany several years back.

I adore old wooden alphabet blocks (actually, I think I'm a sucker for anything having to do with letters and words), and I found these at a thrift store.  (Duh!)  The lamp sitting to the right of them (in the first pic) was a $5 grab from a Hob Lob clearance shelf last year, and the barn-red wood book holder hanging on the wall above the green chest was a thrift store find during our visit-family-in-Ohio trip summer before last.  (The Saint had a great time playing golf with his sister while I hit every thrift store in all areas surrounding Medina, OH!  One of the best vacations ever!)

Look to your left from the doorway of the foyer, and you'll see the cozy space where the Saint and I really live.  (Cozy 'cause I cram so much stuff into one space!)  I told you that the Casita is much smaller than the Casa, but what we did not give up was living space in the den and in the master bath -- those areas are actually much larger here at the Casita. (Where we did sacrifice space was the kitchen, other bedrooms, and storage areas -- all areas where we could easily adjust.)  

Just for fun, here's a run-down of the cost of the major pieces in this room:

  • Overstuffed brown chenille chair - $100, Craigslist
  • Navy blue leather overstuffed chair, matching ottoman - $125, Craigslist
  • Brown velvet Century sofa slip-covered in painters' dropcloth (by my Little Mama) - $425 at a resale shop (but I traded a well-used faux-leather (yuck!) couch and loveseat set for it, and even made $175 on the deal!  I found the sofa on Century's website for just over $1,500!  Admittedly two legs are kinda broken, but we've learned to move the sofa when necessary and then just stick the legs back in where they belong!) 
  • Round oak pedestal table (covered in fabric) between navy chair and sofa - FREE (left at the Casita for me by its previous owner; I paid $25 at a flea market for the large piece of glass sitting on it)
  • Red antique kitchen cabinet (with its original "Macy's" tin plate affixed to the inside) - FREE (left at the Casa 28 years ago by its previous owner)
  • Dark wooden antique chest sitting on sewing machine base - FREE (traded for a wooden "Baylor Bears!" necklace I painted for a friend's daughter years ago)
  • Singer sewing machine base with butcher block top - FREE (inherited from "Uncle Dave")
  • Solid wood coffee table - $10 at a neighborhood garage sale (paid more for the baskets that fit onto the shelf underneath it than I did for the table!  But worth every penny -- they hold lots of books and magazines out of sight)
  • Red wicker footstool - $10, garage sale
  • Pistachio green tea cart serving as a side table in the left foreground - $3, church garage sale
I do loooooove a bargain! 


The is the view from just behind the navy chair and the green cabinet.  The recliner is also covered in painters' dropcloth (half slip-covered, half upholstered by me; I'm not quite as adept at making fitted slip-covers as Little Mama).  The tall bookshelf used to belong to Baby Daughter, but since it wouldn't fit into her little SUV to take to California, I was the designated beneficiary.  It's flanked by two old shutters from a garage sale.

Another view of the recliner side of the den.  The cabinet the television sits on was a dark wood for years, but when we moved into the Casita, it needed to be lightened up for the space, so I antiqued it "Country Tan," and painted the brass drawer pulls red. The Saint made the simple wooden frame on top to hold the cable box and DVD player.  Once I painted and antiqued it to match the chest, you'd never know it hadn't been made as one piece.  (Pretty handy living with a Saint!)

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back tomorrow, and I'll show you some close ups of some of the nick-knacks that make me smile at Christmas!

I hope you're feeling cozy and enjoying the weekend out there in Blog Land!


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