Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting Our Bling On!

This is a long post, but there are lots of pics!

I brought my girls up believing that to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving Day was absolute
sacrilege, but I couldn't resist getting a jump on the season during my week off from school. And I've had a ball decorating these past few days!

I know that I mentioned it on my other blog (Texas Preacher Woman), but we down-sized last April from two-story
Casa St. Michael to one-story Casita 422 (maybe a hundred yards from each other), and along with less square footage, we have MUCH less storage space. For some reason, this made St. Michael think I needed to move MUCH less Christmas stuff across the street to our new home. (I cannot tell you how much Christmas went out the front door of the Casa and off to new homes during our estate sale last spring!)

I wondered how that would work out when I started decorating for holidays, but I shouldn't have given it a second thought! LOL! Somehow there seemed to be plenty left to play house with this week! (And, okay, I
did make a few small purchases at my favorite thrift stores this past week. Being the Queen of Cheap, you know I love me some bargains!)

All of our friends come through the back door here at the Casita, but I'm going to start us off just inside the front door and move right on into the dining room (which I think might be just a tiny bit bigger than the one at the Casa.)

This mirror that we inherited from the Saint's childhood friend, "Uncle Dave," hangs in the casita's small entryway and reflects the dining room. (Everything in the garland -- the greenery, the poinsettias, the wired ribbon, and the balls) came from a variety of area thrift stores.

The gold bling-y "ball" that hangs down in the center of the mirror was a gift from Middle Daughter a few years ago . . . it's made of dried beans pushed into a styro-foam sphere and spray-painted gold! Love it! (I'll have to end this post with a pic of what she did for Thanksgiving with dried beans!)

Being a Texas gal, I LOVE yellow roses, and the postcard in the lower right corner of the mirror is one Middle Daughter sent me years ago, and it's lived in the gilded mirror ever since.

Turning to the left, you can look into our dining room (and beyond into our tiny kitchen). I don't know if you remember from earlier posts, but my dining room set was a gift from a friend who moved into a large, fancy new home that didn't have a place for this quaint cuteness. (The Saint stripped it down for me, re-stained the top of the buffet and the table and then painted out the remaining parts as well as the chairs.)

I remade curtains from the Casa's breakfast room and used leftover fabric to recover two of the chairs and a leftover, coordinating stripe to recover the rest. (The hutch is an old piece from my girls bedrooms when they were little. I just painted it to coordinate with the table and buffet, and voila! Extra storage!) Oiled bronze chandy from Craigslist for $25! (Including the simple white drum shades!)

A favorite pic of Oldest Daughter and
her hubby on their wedding day sits
nestled among silk poinsettias on one
of the hutch selves.

Middle Daughter and her husband take
their place on another shelf. (Whoops! I'd
better dig out a pic of Baby Daughter and
her intended, Sailor Man, or
I'll be hearing about it!)

A front view of the buffet. (The lamps
were a gift from a designer friend when
she worked for a local builder who liked to
"dump" things from their warehouse on
a fairly regular basis. The red silk lamp
shades came from Ross and used to
live in the master bedroom at the Casa.)

Another view of the buffet. (The round
silver tray was a gift from the Saint's
late mother. She bought it as a young
woman shortly after she married the
Saint's father and had the first initial of
her new last name, an
M, engraved
into the center.)

A small picture of the Saint's parents
as a young couple shares space on
a silver-plated tray with the dining room
Christmas tree. (The footed tray came
from a neighborhood garage sale; it's
ridiculously heavy and was
a steal at $15!)

An assortment of silver spoons from
"Uncle Dave's" family treasures sits in
my grandmother's candy dish at the
other end of the tray.

All of the ornaments on this tree
came from local thrift stores or garage
sales. This cross (and two others) on
the tree were among this year's
purchases from a thrift store than
provides shelter for women seeking
refuge from abusive relationships.

Looking at the table from the
kitchen-side of the dining room.

Red-trimmed giant linen napkin? Yup,
thrift store. Church ornaments, Christmas
balls, cake plate, glass com? Yup, thrift
store. Poinsettias?  Yup.  Shimmery red
beeswax candles? Yup, even
they came
from a thrift store!

It took me five or six years to gather up five gold decorative napkins (the first one was the wrapping for a gift from one of my students years ago) but, yes, they, too, came, one or two at a time, from area thrift stores, as did these napkin rings. (Fortunately, most of my thrift store napkins came in fours, like the red ones tucked into the gold ones.) The dishes were an anniversary gift from the Saint a few years ago.

This Lenox-wanna-be nativity set was
a hand-me-down from Middle Daughter
(not quite her style), and the crystal
candle sticks were a gift from one of my
sister-friends, Debbie. (The silvery
chargers came from Hobby Lobby.)

And speaking of Middle Daughter, here's the pic I promised to end with . . .

THIS is what she did with dried beans,
and orange burlap on her
Thanksgiving Day table . . .
AND she cooked the dinner!

Hope you are feeling blessed this week!


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  1. Whew! I'm tired just looking over all the hard work. Seriously---wish we had thrift shops like that here.
    Love you bunches!
    Thank you for sharing!


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