Sunday, November 27, 2011

"All Is Shiney and Bright!"

One of the easiest, cheapest most economical ways to bling-up for Christmas is to  gather up all of those shiney orbs balls rolling around the bottom of the Christmas boxes and then just fling scatter simply nestle them in, around, and amongst the everyday things you already have displayed throughout your house.  Everything on this table -- except for the Christmas balls and the lone poinsettia -- is sitting exactly where it sits year-round.  (Well, where it probably would sit year-round if we'd been in this house a year!) Slipping a few shiney ornaments into the distressed tray that holds family pics makes all the difference for the holidays!  Fast, easy, and cheap!  (Sounds like . . . never mind!  We won't go there!)

The picture of that handsome devil in the left foreground is the Saint's high school senior picture.  It was taken the same year as the large 8x10 of me in the background!  I love to point that out to visitors!  (Of course, the man has darn good genes, and these days you would never guess that there's a fifteen-year age difference between us.  I live in fear that in a few more years we'll show up places together and people will greet him with, "Oh, how nice that you brought your older sister!"  Then again, I should look as good as his older sister!)

Now, how cute is this little face!  (The one on the right!)  That's the Saint as a little boy; I love this picture!  And then there's my favorite Reading Rabbit who hopped off the Hob Lob clearance shelf a few years back to come home with me.

I use cake pedestals for displaying just about everything BUT cake!  (I need cake sitting around the Casita like I need another head . . . I mean, let's just say that it wouldn't be sitting around the Casita very long before it ended up displayed on my backside.  Besides, remember, I don't cook or bake.) 

I told you I LOVE letters of all sorts:  The "M" is our last initial, and the "Q"s?  They stand for QUEEN, of course! :-)

Hope you are feeling shiney and bright as we prepare to jump into a brand new week of possibilities!



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