Friday, January 1, 2010

Moving Back Home

I'm moving. No, not house- or home-wise, but blog-wise.

As part of my effort to "get it right" in several areas of my life, I'm going back "home" to where I started in Blogland before I got side-tracked from what I do best. Y'see, as much as I looooooove decorating and nesting and crafting and turnin' trash to treasure, at heart, I'm just a writer. Not a photographer. Not a brilliant crafter or decorator who can give brilliant tutorials about what she crafts and decorates. Not an incredible table-scaper. But a writer. Just a writer who immensely enjoys everybody else's gifts in those areas and who will continue to stalk those blogs for inspiration, DIY ideas, and just the plain ol' pure pleasure of eye candy, but who, when I get real with myself, isn't truly called to blog in quite the same way my bloggin' sistahs do.

So, I guess in a way, I am moving home-wise. Blog-home-wise. I'm going home to my original blog, Texas Preacher Woman, where, for better or worse, you won't find many fancy photos, but simply "from the silly to the sanctified, the musings of one mom, wife [St. Michael's, to be specific!], and sistah-friend." At least for a while. And I hope you'll visit. I really do. It's the one door I'm totally comfortable with keeping flung wide open. Always.

Coffee's on. Come on over. Conversation welcome.

Grins and blessings!


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  1. Well, girl, you SHOULD do what you do best so I think your move is just right.
    Now, me...I can't write for sour grapes. I don't have much going on in my life to talk about and I don't have a lot of pretty things to blog about...but I do cook a lot...and play with grands a lot...and thrift a that's what I like to blog about.
    We all are doing our own thing and that's what makes blogging so much fun.:))
    xoxo bj
    and just where the heck is El ??


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