Monday, October 5, 2009

"Dancin' as fast as I can!"

If you've read any of my blog -- even just my profile on the right -- you know that I am St. Michael's Wife. But what about that TWO-STEPPIN' thing? What the heck is that all about. Well, I've been explainin' some of it bit by bit over the past week, so here's a little more about that . . .

For years I’ve used the phrase “I’m dancing as fast as I can” to explain what my life looks like at any given time. Mine is a life spent, for the most part, running “ninety to nothin’” with my hair on fire, while juggling gasoline cans. (And, yep, that means that, for better or worse, there are times I crash and burn, for sure!) It seems to be the life I’m called to, and yet, I keep suspecting that I could probably slow down to at least sixty miles an hour if I just were a little bit more organized on the home front. And maybe, just maybe, if Casa St. Michael were a bit tidier better organized (okay, a LOT tidier and tons more organized!), I wouldn’t stumble as much and drop as many gas can either. What’s the answer? Why, the TEXAS TWO-STEP, of course!

Y’see, the Texas Two-Step is a dance that calls for one to slow down, take on a partner, snuggle in close, and then follow a specific pattern of steps as the partner leads. Even a brand new Two-Stepper is encouraged to avoid looking down at her own feet but, instead, to trust her partner, moving her own feet in step with his, at his lead. Before she knows it, she is no longer stumbling and struggling, but she is gliding across the floor, no longer inhibited by, but enthralled with, the dance!

I decided that that’s what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted to slow down, partner-up with an incredible lead dancer, and glide in such a graceful way that the

whole thing looks effortless. (I say looks effortless because we all know that even the most fluid of dancers has spent time training, practicing, and, more than likely, healing from a few awkward moves and even some falls.) Thus, yours truly and the TEXAS TWO-STEP.

Tomorrow . . . The "More" that I promised about Step 1: Learning to plan for success!

Until then,



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