Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tabletop Blessings!

I know, I know, I've been a baaaaaaad blogger lately, which is to say that I haven't been blogging at all! But I've been working on other projects like painting my kitchen and writing the material for the TEXAS TWO-STEPPING Bible study. (Almost every woman there said she was wondering how in the world we were going to connect Bible study and digging our way out from beneath the clutter and chaos we've allowed to invade our homes, but we DID it! And it was AWESOME! We're studying the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, and we're using his rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls as a metaphor for rebuilding and healing our homes.)

I still have to paint around the window above the sink, and behind and around the fridge, and make a simple curtain for the window, but we've come soooooo far! Woo-hoo! And I can't tell you how much I am looooooooving my kitchen -- especially my countertop/labor of love from St. Michael.

I'll post pics of the kitchen later this weekend, but for now, I'm just showing a few snapshots of our breakfast room. My sweet, special friend Denise, who has her own blog, Bloomin' (go check her out) saw these perfect-for-Casa-St.-Michael placemats while on vacation this summer and decided to bless me with them. (She's just like that!) The chair back "accents" are adorable dish towels she also bought for me to use as napkins or "however you want to." So I decided to use them this way! I wanted to be able to see those cute red roosters bordering them, so I literally tied one on! (Okay, I tied them to the chairs with some jute twine and tiny black plaid ribbon. Hey, it's what I had on hand!) Ultra simple, but, I think, ultra cute. And now, I can enjoy them every day! (And not worry about their getting gravy or ketchup stains on them -- : D .) Anyone can also easily do this with similar size strips of fabric for a different look with each season.

(Remember, you should be able to click
on the pics to make them larger.)

The picture is a little dark, but the
braided rug beneath the table is red.
(Tessie just had to get into the picture!)

I know, I know, this pic's dark, too, but
you can at least get the idea of how simple
this little project really is. (And again,
Tessie, is becoming quite the camera hog!)

Don't these placemats just look great on my table!
I told Denise that they make me think of her
and smile each time I look at them.

Have a fabulous Friday! (They're ALL fabulous as far as I'm concerned!)

Grins and blessings!


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  1. I am seriously loving those rooster placemats! They are the cutest I have ever seen!

  2. The placemats and chairbacks look great.

  3. I love anything rooster and those placemats are just adorable! What a cute idea for using, but not abusing, the napkins!!

  4. Awesome, looks terrific! That table and chicken wire bulletin board would make me smile each a.m. Can't wait to see kitchen pic. I get to drive Nate the Great to GT Art classes at UHCL and to batting cages every Tues. pm soooo, can I take the class remotely?

  5. Your kitchen is adorable! I love the way you secured the towels on the chairs. That is just perfect.

    Really, I'm not sure how you teach school, Bible study, and redecorate. I'm in awe!


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