Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sermon: It sho' 'nuff ain't up to ME

I’m convinced that one of the worst things we can do to ourselves (and to the Kingdom when you stop and think about it) is to allow ourselves to become convinced that “it’s all up to us.” The moment that happens, not only do we take on a huge weight that we were never intended to bear, but we stop depending on God. Yup. You heard me. We stop depending on God. I know that sounds harsh -- I mean, we wouldn’t try to put Papa-God out of a job intentionally, would we? -- but the moment we think it’s all up to us, we have just said -- wittingly or unwittingly -- that He’s no longer in charge or in control; we are. And trust me, I’ve been taken charge of enough things to know that spells disaster! Either I totally screw things up, or I do nothing at all ‘cause I’m paralyzed with fear that I’ll screw things up! (And, of course, knowing me, I will!) That’s how we act if we think it’s all depending on us.

Does that mean we stop caring about what’s going on around us and just sit back, pretend we’re Doris Day, and sing “Que sera, sera”?

No, not at all. (Or as brotha Paul would say, “May it never be!) But our job is definitely not being in control (‘cause family, it sho’ ‘nuff ain’t up to us). Our calling is to be obedient. (And, yeah, some days, I’d much rather be “in charge” than be obedient . . . I mean, let somebody else do the hard stuff, right?) We are called to listen for His voice, and then do what He tells us and empowers us (don’t forget that part) to do. That’s it. We get to leave the results to Him. Because we live with, love with, and serve a risen, He’s-alive! Savior, we know that we can leave “the driving to [Him],” and he’ll get us there, safely and right on time [wink, wink, Sonya and Mike!]. The hard part is that sometimes the scenery along the way doesn’t look like we think it should; heck, we might even think we’re totally going the wrong way (not to mention, not fast enough!), but we can trust Him. We must trust Him. He’s not only the Driver, He’s the Guide, -- only He knows for sure the direction in which we must go.

When we truly understand that Big Truth and aren’t afraid to walk in that truth, then we can speak the words He calls us to speak, do what He calls us to do, and leave the results up to Him.

Whew! I don’t know about you, but what a relief! I’m tired enough sometimes just doing the stuff I should be doing -- I sure don’t need to be doin’ my job and Papa God’s, too!

And you don’t either. We serve a living God. Let’s let Him live through us and do the work of the Kingdom through us.



  1. good post. check out my post...I was pretty real too.

    We serve an awesome God.

  2. What a wonderful reminder today. Thanks!

  3. Hey Pamm. I just read your post about the filing system. First let me tell you that I couldn't leave a comment there. It just keeps popping back and forth between the top of the page and the bottom. Maybe it will clear itself up later...blogger is so bazaar.

    Great post! I had to laugh about leaving the files on the counter or putting them away. I have gotten all the folders before - I have to keep them in the drawer. Then I end up piling the important papers on top of the files. Yes, it's true. One of the best things for me to do to attempt to stay organized is to deal with things as they come along rather than putting them aside for later. It's hard but helps me the most.

    I bet the girls are loving your class at church. My pastor's wife did a class about hospitality several years ago. You can imagine that they have people in their home all the time. She gave excellent tips about entertaining inexpensively, not sweating the small stuff, and she wove it with Bible verses that direct us to be hospitable. I loved that class and still talk about it frequently. That's what you are doing for others right now!!


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