Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michael-the-Pirate goes to school!

Middle Daughter has the most adorable blog that keeps us all posted on the what's happening on the Other Side of Houston, whether it's Grandson-Michael-the-Pirate attacking his fair maiden sister Callie-Belle with his Crayola marker sword, or a sewing or decorating project or even just random Middle Daughter thoughts. Today's post made me realize that time is flying by . . . it seems like just yesterday that I was rocking this sweet baby boy to sleep on my ample Jaja- bosom his first night home from the hospital. (And Saturday he'll be three!)

Happy First Day of School, Michael!

This morning, Middle Daughter dropped Michael off at preschool for his first day as a Red Bear! Waiting for him at school were his two new teachers, Ms. Wendy and Ms. Elisa and 11 new friends to play.

He was really excited to wear his new 'fast shoes' today!

He was eager to get to school this morning, so he could tell his teachers about the birthday party he is having this weekend, eat the lunch he helped his mama put together, and sleep on his super cool Cars nap mat she made for him.

The opening activity this morning for the Red Bears was cutting shapes out of red play dough. Michael even got to grab a seat at the same table as Jacob, his friend from last year!

Middle Daughter said he wasn't so talkative when she dropped him off this morning, but he did get right into the activity that his teachers had out for him. She was looking forward to his perking up and then telling her this afternoon all about the fun things he did and all the friends he made.
Awwww, I wish I could've been there! But, alas, I was helping my sixth-grade babies adjust to their second week at their new school.
I'll have to call Middle Daughter in the morning from the airport to find out how it went. (St. Michael and I are heading off to Seattle for our nephew's wedding! We'll celebrate Michael-the-Pirate's birthday when we get back.)



  1. What a precious little boy. I have a great grandson that exact age and I adore him.
    That little face...:)
    You sound sooo proud!! :)

  2. He's so cute!! You know I have two boys...17 and 20. In my mind they are still like Michael. :)


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