Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a few shots . . .

Here are a couple of pics I snapped last night . . . more to come as time allows!

Here's a shot almost identical to my last posting except
this one shows the simple curtain I made for over the
window. (VERY simple!) I used my "old" Battenberg
lace curtain for a "slip" of lace underneath a simple
panel of the same fabric I have in the breakfast room.
Just needed a little spot of color here, and this does the
trick. I loooooove walking into my kitchen now!

A close-up of that counter area. The thrift store Johnson
Bros. platter and the bunny tin hides the plug-in and cords
from the microwave and toaster oven. (And to the far left
is probably the last watermelon of the season, waiting to
be cut open and enjoyed!)

These critters and jar of potpourri sit on my window sill.

This is a corner of my stovetop. The flour
"canister" came from a garage sale, as did
the wooden spindle candle holder. The rooster
salt and pepper shakers had been packed away
and I'd forgotten I even had them! They are
perfect in my kitchen now! (And bring back
good memories since one of my sweet girls gave
them to me!)

I'm just came home real quick on my conference period, so it's back to work for me and then off to meet my TEXAS TWO-STEP women tonight at 7:00 at the church house! Woo-hoo!

Have a fabulous day wherever YOU are!


PS I'd love to hear from you sweet bloggin' sistas -- remember my comment thingie is at the top of my posts. (I told ya I can't figure out how to fix that!)


  1. kitchen curtain is sweet. I need to get mine done too. xox!

    Nate gets to go to gt art class tonight at UHCL.

  2. Hi Pamm,
    I love the touch of lace on the curtain! Very pretty! Thanks for stopping by today, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a lovely day.


  3. I am loving your canisters on your counter with the cute tags! I'm also loving that I have to scroll back up to comment :). It makes your readers have to revisit the loveliness of your pics. I think it's a rather smart way to go.


  4. I have thought about using that exact same fabric in my kitchen too. Love it!!! I know you are loving your new kitchen!


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