Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew those old beige (or harvest gold) plastic Rubbermaid turntable thingies could be so cute spray painted red! Especially with a backdrop of red and white striped wallpaper! (Just a tiny peak into the current kitchen caper . . .

St. Michael spent most of the afternoon taking out our 45+ years-old sink while I touched up some paint spots around the kitchen. And the tile is going down on the counters RIGHT NOW! It's going to be gorgeous! (Much better than my paint job on the cabinets, but as Nester says, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE BEAUTIFUL!)

I'll post more pics in the next day or two when I can find my camera cord that hooks up to my laptop which is in the pile of kitchen stuff somewhere!

Grinnin' like a fool!


  1. Aren't you smart to paint the turntable? Mine always get icky. Have to take them out once a year or once every 5 years and wash them really well. :)

  2. great idea and wowie...sounds like you are having much fun in that precious kitchen!! I got you a package from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


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