Friday, July 17, 2009

Texas, Our Texas!

I've shown you the cowboys and Battenberg lace cornice board that inspired our Texas family room.  Since I'm in much need of camera-using practice, I tried to snap a few up-close shots of some of the Texas accents scattered throughout the room . . . 

Any old birdhouse can become a Texas birdhouse with the simple addition of an old -- Texas, of course -- license plate for a tin roof.  (This little red metal garden table sits beside St. Michael's chair in the family room.  To give it a little more weight, I put a wooden tray on the top.  Add a fat-rooster coaster, and it makes for a convenient place for St. Michael to set his peach tea.)

This handmade Texas Santa, a birthday gift from one of my sista-friends, sits out all year round.  (The little critter just below the Texas flag Santa's holding is an armadillo.)

I know you can't really tell, but the framed photo at the bottom left of this pic is a picture of a tiny, old A-frame house that sported the sign "Texas Boot Company."  A friend of mine took the black and white picture years ago and then framed it with old barn wood from her father-in-law's property.  How special is that!

I know this isn't a shot of the whole thing, but this Texas flag was .50 at a garage sale several years back.  I found the large square frame, complete with triple mat, in someone's trash.  I covered the outermost mat with my vintage cowboy fabric and painted the middle mat white and the thin inner mat a slate blue.  (And, yeah, I edged part of the white mat with a little bit of "rope."  And those are buttons I glued around the edges of the Texas star . . . I never know when to stop!  I need to hear those voices a little louder:  "Step away from the glue gun, Pamm!  Away from the glue gun!")  
The edge of the mantel is a bunch of frames, taken apart and then all fit together in a rather hodge-podge fashion.  I know it wouldn't work for everyone, but we love it!  (And nobody else has one like it, that's for sure!)

This dark barn-red shutter frames the left side of some old window panes that are above my sofa.  The alphabet blocks in the wire-y star pocket thrift-store thingie are T, E, and X.  The other simple star came from a trip to Canton several years back.

And here's the right-side shutter with it's own star -- a rustic Christmas decoration I painted black.  And what Texas room would be complete without yellow roses?  This is a postcard from Middle Daughter, marked "4 Jun 2002".   It reads, "Hey, Mamma!  I saw this post card & thought of you 'cause of the yellow roses!  I hope you enjoy them!  See you soon!!!  I love you!"  And I have enjoyed them!  For seven years now -- much longer than any others I've ever received!

The little framed black and white picture to the right of the shutter is of two-year-old grandson Michael's cowboy boots firmly planted right in between his papa's, St. Michael.  Awwwwww!  (You can click on pic for a close up.)

And more yellow roses, sitting on my coffee table . . . okay, I KNOW they're FAKE, and that is passe, but these are of sentimental value, as they are from Middle Daughter and St. Bill's wedding eight years ago.   

And speaking of those saintly men who live with us wild women who run through life with our hair on fire, St. Michael is on his way home from New Mexico!  He should make it to the casa by late Saturday afternoon . . . Woo Hoo!  (Probably no more blogging for me this weekend!)

Hope YOUR weekend is as happy and eventful!

Grins until next week, 


  1. Nice to meet you! I'm so happy you found me, I'm going to sign up to be one of your followers. :)
    I love those soap dispensers you found, what a steal at $2!

  2. I've just discovered your blog and had to go all the way back to the beginning! I love the way you decorate. It is very nice to meet you. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  3. Guns up from Lubbock! I've only lived here for 2 years and my Texas collection is growing...I loved this post and think you need to frame your quote: "Step away from the glue gun..." :)


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