Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Sermon: Being a Martyr

In Acts 1:1-11, we read that Jesus tells his disciples that they are to be His witnesses throughout the world. The Greek word used is martus, the Greek word from which we get our English martyr. I couldn’t help but think that in a very real sense, to be a martus is to be a martyr -- to die every day for the cause of Christ . . . to die to our selves. To die to what I, in my flesh, want; to what I, in my flesh, think; to what I, in my flesh, say (That WILL require the Holy Spirit for sure!); to what I, in my flesh, do . . . And, make no mistake about it, since I am still living in a fleshly body, that’s not just hard, it’s impossible. And, all kidding aside, that is why Jesus said I would have to operate in the power of Holy Spirit in order to be His witness! I truly am not capable of doing it on my own. (And trust me, I’ve tried! Disastrously so!)

So this week, I’m going to rethink the idea of having a martyr complex. I’m not going to look at from the standpoint of being a mom -- admit it, all us mamas have had the martyr complex in that light before! -- I’m going to look at it from the view of my calling in Christ. From the viewpoint of being His witness.


  1. Ain't it so?

    I was just telling my hubby how terribly human I am and ready to fall into gluttony at any turn. All of a sudden...eating too much and spending too much time junk shopping..need to get back to the basics yet again. Been reflecting on His mercy and grace that we shelter under...praise G-d for that.

  2. Great glad to stumble onto your blog.

    Loved reading it.

  3. Boy, if this isn't a moment of truth!!! I am so guilty of these same things...I always want to put HIM first in everything and then the rest will fall in the order they should! Nancy

  4. Hi there,
    I have to say that your comments on my blog mean so much and are so appreciated. I am so glad you found me.

    Thank you so, so much!

  5. I needed this reminder. Glad to have found your blog. God's truth is refreshing, even when it is a hard truth. So thankful for others who are willing to share the truth. Jackie


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