Friday, July 17, 2009

Foodie Friday: Quick & Easy Key Lime Classic!

Okay, if you're like me and you're sweltering in this July heat (and a weanie about it to boot!), here's a yummy way to cool off this weekend.  (Yes, I know that if you're sitting in the AC,  you don't really need to cool off, but it's the thought that counts, y'know, and few desserts say SUMMER better than key lime pie!)  This is from Middle Daughter's blog, Sugar and Spice.  She made this delicious delicacy for her husband, St. Bill's, birthday earlier this week.  (And, yes, he got his title the same way St. Michael did:  He EARNED it!)

Here's what Lainey wrote . . .

In a medium size bowl, fold one 14oz can of fat-free sweetened condensed milk into one tub of Cool Whip. Then, gradually fold in1/2 cup of lime juice (try 3/4 cup lime juice if you really like it limey!) Pour your mixture into a graham cracker crust and let it hang out in the freezer until it's firm - overnight is best, but I've found that just a few hours works, too!

[Note from her mama:  Heck, I've found that sopping out the bowl just SECONDS after pouring this concoction into the pie crust is pretty darn good!)

Enjoy!  Now I'm off to Cracker Barrel for a . . . ummm . . . breakfast meeting!

PS  Oops!  I didn't know when I posted that our "Foodie Friday" host, Designs by Gollum, was also doing a key lime pie!  Well, our little pie is if you want to be able to say, "Well, of course I made it myself, honey!"  (The store-bought one over at our host's site does look BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL, though, and you know we do say at Casa St. Michael, "Cuteness is everything!")

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  1. girlie, cute party plates and love the lime twist...fancy. I still gotta learn a lot of finessing of the camera angling and how to put comments between the pics and how to show the blogs I'm following. Always something to learn. xox!


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