Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Stud-Muffin is Home!

Woo-hoo! Life is good! It's RAINING here in downtown El Lago , Texas (HALLELUJAH!); Baby Daughter is in the kitchen fixin' something delicious for dinner (the Boy's coming over after work to join us), AND St. Michael returned from "mission trip" at eleven o'clock this morning -- way ahead of schedule! (What can I say! He's always eager to get home to his favorite flllulflfly woman!) He drove the Big Truck on the way back from New Mexico, dropped off some equipment and his driving partner and then headed the truck toward the storage facility where it stays parked when not in service. The storage place is not far from Casa St. Michael, so that's where I picked him up . . . grinning like a fool! (Me, that is!)

This was my view when I pulled around the corner to where the Big Truck was parked. And, yes, the golf clubs are considered standard mission trip equipment! (When the church building is finished, several of the team always play a round of golf to celebrate.)

I guess the letters on the back of the truck let folks know that these guys and gals don't just work for anybody, y'know! (They work for Somebody!)

St. Michael loves to drive Big Trucks!

But he's always glad to get home!

Another job well done!

And I believe this is the part where he whistled,
"C'mon, Mama, it's time to head to the house!"
(Be still my heart! Ahhh, I love being part of the support team!)

Life is good!


PS And thanks to those of you who prayed for safety this year. There were some tire blow-outs coming and going but no encounters with drunk drivers this year, and thus, no vehicles turned over or hospitalized team members!

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  1. He seems like such a sweetie pie! It's always kind of nice when they leave for a day or two. Even better when they get back, right?


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