Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspired to breakfast!

I've been running around like a crazy person this week with no time for picture snapping here at Casa St. Michael (and nothing really new to snap), but I did want to get something posted this week, so I thought I'd share some of my inspiration pics with you.

When I first started thinking about bringing red into Casa St. Michael, I really didn't want to repaint my breakfast room walls, which are a yummy green somewhere between apple and . . . well, soft apple or a glow worm? -- that's all I can think of (and since I mixed the color myself, it doesn't really have a name). I wasn't sure how it would work until I came across these pics on the 'Net. A soft-apple-green-painted-glow-wormy-walled breakfast room with red accents! Two of them, in fact! And I love them! I knew immediately that I could keep my walls and start bringing in the red! Now, my little breakfast area doesn't really look anything like either of these more elegant breakfast areas, but they inspired me, and I do love my own, though different, version, too! (Maybe more detailed pics of it next week.)

First up (and this is the only shot I have of this gem):

Don't you love the multi-fabric valance with the matching chair upholstery! (I also have a white built-in corner cabinet, but it remains closed to the public so I can hide all my crafting crap!)

[NOTE: Sweet Stacey from Poofing the Pillows let me know that the following breakfast room and kitchen belong to none other than Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. I bet lots of you recognized it, too! After all, it has her elegant, just-right thumbprint all over it, doesn't it!)

Who wouldn't love having breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) in this beautiful space! I never would've thought of painting the French doors black, but don't they look great! Very stately with their shiny black coats. (And the curtain rods, too.) This looks so cozy and inviting and yet very fresh, I think, with the green paint and unexpected accents of black. (And, of course, I love the toile.)

Another angle . . . love the green pot bursting with fresh flowers!

Looking across the breakfast area toward the kitchen . . . again, more black and red accents . . . bee-you-tee-mous!

The green walls are carried on into the kitchen -- and doesn't this kitchen look like a place where a lot of fun could happen?

Okay, my breakfast room's done . . . now if I could just make myself finish the painting in the kitchen!

RHODA (!) with the Gorgeous Breakfast Room!



  1. Love, love, love the pics! I can really see that these inspired you. They remind me of your casa.

    The black french door reminds me that when I had a designer come over that had been next door and give me paint ideas he wanted something painted black in every room! He wanted me to paint my white front door black!! (we've got tons of white everywhere. Black?...He's probably right, he's got much better taste than I do. :0)

  2. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........just DELISH.....years and years ago a company, I believe it was Armstrong floors, had an ad showing a kitchen that was green, red and white. Oh my I loved that room. I saved that picture for YEARS....dreaming of doing that look. I've always lived in an open plan house and couldn't pull it was emerald-ie green and TRUE red, but still had that crispy look I love. Your scheme is much more updated....LOVE it. I can't wait to see your kitchen all finished.

    Thanks so much for the Bday wishes! Time is sure zippy right on by!


  3. You showed some of my very favorite rooms too. Rhoda's kitchen is to die for. That other home I saw on RMS and at Nancy's blog. They are both dreamy! Now I can't wait to see what you do.

  4. Thank you, Pamm, for the mention! So glad my kitchen could inspire you for those colors too. I've certainly enjoyed them a lot. And yes, that 2nd kitchen is Kim from Rate My Space, I don't think she has a blog, but she has been by to visit me.

    I wish you the best with your kitchen redo & let me know when you post more pics.

  5. Pamm, please don't think that I was trying to correct your picture usage - I swear I wasn't. :) I just happen to admire and drool over the same pictures that you love.

  6. Pamm, please don't think that I was trying to correct your picture usage - I swear I wasn't. :) I just happen to admire and drool over the same pictures that you love.


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