Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bubbles and Giddy-up!

Now, ya'll know I'm crazy about that cute little bald-headed man o' mine, but let's face it, when St. Michael's off on his annual church-building trip, there's a whole 'nother kind of fun to be had this side o' Houston . . . garage sales galore!  New thrift shops!  Silly little projects -- or sometimes BIG scary ones -- 'til all hours of the night . . . fun, fun, fun stuff! 

Today on the way home from a breakfast date, I stopped at a thrift store I don't get to very often and found just the thing I've been lookin' for -- the perfect soap dispenser for my kitchen counter!  Yea!  The criteria was kinda crazy, which is why it's taken so long for me to find one.  1) It had to be cute and look good with all my kitchen stuff, right?  (After raising three girls, I know the female family motto by heart:  "Cuteness is EVERYTHING!")  Thus, 2) it needed to be cottagey or country-ish in style.  3)  It also needed to be somewhat "hardy," for lack of a better word 'cause I'm kind of a klutz, and anything too delicate is gonna get chipped up or outright broken pretty quickly.  4)  It had to be CHEAP!  ('Cause, well, I'M CHEAP!)

Not only did I find a dispenser that met every requirement on my list, but there were TWO of them!  Woo-hoo!  I snapped them up so that I could use one for dishwashing detergent and the other for hand soap.  (I can't remember which bloggin' sista gave me that idea, but in order for me to do that, I had to find two . . . and remember, until today I hadn't been able to find ONE even!)

Here's one of the two dispensers sitting on my stovetop.  I know you can't read it, but the piece of tape reads $2.   I'm sure the antiquey-looking brass top put off some buyers, but it's perfect for my kitchen (as I'll show you in a minute).  I LOVE the patina!  And the glass part is nice and heavy.

And here's the original price, displayed on the bottom: I know this pic is blurry, but the price sticker says $21.99!  (Who would pay that for a soap dispenser!  Holy cow!)

See what I mean about being just right for my kitchen?  My drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are also antique brass with a nice, old patina!

And here are my babies filled up and ready to go!  (Gold is my handsoap, and green is my dishwashing detergent.)  How wonderful to get such pleasure out of simple things!

I've picked up a few other goodies this week, but here's another fun one for the chest that sits just below my cowboy cornice board pictured below . . . (And don't forget, you can click on pictures for more up-close detail.) 

A very simple vintage paint-by-number horse picture!

How perfect to go right underneath my vintage fabric cowboys and horses!  It was $2 at a neighborhood garage sale.  I white-washed the frame and painted over the original yellow sky (possible tornado weather?) in the picture with a soft aqua-blue before putting the picture back in its frame and adding it to some vintage black and white family pics.  (Yup, that is two-year-old me with bangs cut right to the hairline . . . gotta love the 50s!)


  1. Isn't it awesome to line thru a to get item you've been hoping to come across for a long time. Wow, what a cheap thrill it is to get something for $1-4 that is a bargain. I jut got a pop-up hamper for the boys room for $2 at goodwill that I've seen for $5 and up.

  2. Nice job finding your pump bottles. You have the same criteria I would have!

    I really like your paint by numbers horse! I always used to admire those in Country Living. Did you ever see how they would show whole collections of the paintings? Neat. :)

  3. Great soap dispensers. When we're done (someday! LOL!) with our kitchen update, I'll be updating our soap dispensers too. The plastic Target dispenser is looking rather tattered at this point.

    ~ Sarah

  4. I just LOVE it when you are waiting around for the perfect item for the house, then trip over it at a thrift store. The best feeling! Yippee! :)


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