Thursday, June 25, 2009


Whew!  Okay, I know my lasting posting was like blooger-on-crack!  
I went crazy and wrote -- I now realize! -- way too much 
and posted way too many pics at one time!  (Pics that weren't even really that great!) 

But I was just soooooo glad to be blogging again!  (Hey, notice all the "!"s, so what does that tell you?)  From now on -- inspired by YOUR beautifully much-more-artistic-than-anything-I've-done-so-far photo postings -- I'm going to attempt some balance and discretion. (Admittedly, two words that have NEVAH before been used to describe me or my works!)  

I was going to share a couple of outdoor projects this morning, and then I discovered that Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land ( had already thrown a garden party earlier this week to share all of those fabulous outdoor projects going on throughout Blogland, and I missed it!  Darn it!  So just pretend that I'm showing up fashionably late, and enjoy my new attempt at restraint (in the pic and word department, that is!).  And remember, I'm STILL learning!

Welcome to Casa St. Michael . . . 

To be honest, I had let my front door area go for a while (too busy with my slipcovers and other inside projects), but then I went to pick up a Freecycle offering the other morning and was greeted by the most adorable front porch celebrating our upcoming July 4th holiday. (Sorry, I didn't have my camera with me!  But it was REALLY, REALLY cute!)   The Freecycler, Robin, has even wrapped my little porch pick-up in paper with stars!  Well, that inspired me to come right home and get busy on making the front of Casa St. Michael a little more festively welcoming!  Thanks, Robin for the grins and the inspiration!

An old "Welcome Friends" sign, complete with a pink heart and country-blue squiggles, looks great repurposed as a sign to let visitors know they've arrived at Casa St. Michael!

I found a "fall" doormat marked down to $1.97 at Tuesday Morning, spray painted it black, and then used a stencil brush to hand-letter our family initial in white onto it.  Works for us!

And since all my wreaths from years past were looking a little pitiful, I decided to spray paint this little window box thingie -- a $3 garage sale find -- black to match our other accents here at the casa and hang it up where I'd normally put a wreath.  I also thought it would be fun to plant some REAL LIVE flowers (courtesy of Wal-mart) in some extra coffee cups in place of my usual pretend ones (although in this Texas heat, the pretend ones may make an appearance soon enough).  Old Glory and some Scrabble letters pull it all together for the upcoming INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATION!


  1. Your porch looks fresh and inviting. I can't believe you painted that sign and the rug yourself. No artistic skills here!!

  2. goodness.......that is BEAUTIFUL....I've been here catching up with you a've been busy, girl!

    Hope you're enjoying this glorious weekend!



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