Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm BACK! And Ya'll Are the Absolute BEST!

And I'm apologizing ahead of time for all of the craziness with the variety of fonts throughout this post -- I don't know why my computer is acting like this, but, hey, I'm just happy to be writing!

[Pics at the end!]

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The absolute most fabulous thing about Blogland is the awesome women we meet! I am so blessed! (Read on through my rambling to hear the specifics of your wonderfulness!)

For anyone just finding your way here, I have not blogged in what seems like ages, partly due to end-of-year school stuff. (One of the best things about teaching is that we get to start fresh every year! I love that! And this year was such a strange year with Hurricane Ike swooping in on so many of my babies right at the beginning of the first semester and then my breaking my ankle and being out for two and a half months the second semester . . . what a blessing that in August it will all be "new" again!) 

Then my sweet little mama arrived from NC the day school was out, and after kissing great-grandbabies and meeting Baby Granddaughter's new beau, we were off to Home Depot for painters' dropcloths and then on to Hancock's for zippers and thread, so that the Queen Mother could jump right into fashioning some wonderful slipcovers for my couch.  

Of course, I couldn't let her work while I sat around watching HGTV and eating bon-bons, so while she pinned and cut and sewed (and sometimes ripped and re-sewed), I reframed pictures, painted more odds and ends red, etc. Then no sooner were the extra threads sucked up in the vacuum than my little mama was off -- back on the plane and home to Daddy. Again, the couch looks fabulous, but it took all of Little Mama's time to get that big ol' couch covered . . . by the second day of sewing she let me know that there was no way she was going to get to the recliner. (And did I mention that while I am busy changing everything to red, our recliner's original fabric is covered with ORANGE swirly designs?) Not to worry, I assured the Queen Mother; while I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, I AM mechanically minded, so I told her I was sure I could figure it out.  (I wasn't really that sure, though -- inside I kept thinking, "Oh, CRAP!")


It took me about fifteen hours, but I DID get that chair done! (And I did tell you that it is a RECLINER, right? Not just a regular ol' chair, a RECLINER!) Yep, I started the morning after Little Mama left, and I worked until that night. (I was afraid if I stopped I'd never finish it!) I have to admit, I'm kinda proud of it! (I mean, who else carries a picture of their chair on their cell phone. But, don't laugh, it has come in VERY handy. Why, just today, I ran into a friend out running errands and was able to show it to her! She was VERY impressed!) 

After I got the chair done, well, I seemed to just fall into a kind of funk, I think. (Probably just tired -- my 73-year-old little mama can work me into the ground! I want to be her when I grow up!) I just couldn't seem to put one sentence together. Plus, try as I might, I couldn't get my comments-thingie to work, and it was making me crazy!  

Now, this is the cool part . . .

I DID hear from some of you that my comments-thingie wasn't working, and then -- I am still amazed and in awe about this -- Stacey at Poofing the Pillows even put out an Blogland APB for me! She wrote about me and then asked her readers to find ways to track me down and let me know that my comments-thingie was working and that I was being missed! Can you imagine such a thing! And several of you did exactly that! I could have cried I was so touched!  

Still, I couldn't seem to sit down and write. (Sometimes it's hard being a mental case.)

But I am excited that I finally got my comments thingie working, and so I am hoping to get my blogging groove back on this week with some new stuff and exciting news. (Be sure to check back later in the week.) Again, your comments mean more than you know! (Xs and Os -- and clutches to my ample bosom -- to Sue and Amelia and Suzanne and Spencer and Mona and Denise and Chris and Kim and Cindy and Annabella and Amber and Shelley and Diana . . . oh, please forgive me if I've left anyone out! You are all precious!)
So for now, check out a few snapshots and then later this week, I'll share my fun news!
Grins and blessings, Pamm

(This I got done before Little Mama arrived.)  
I saw this vintage-style cowboy fabric and HAD to do a Texas room!  I didn't want it to be too theme-y, though, or masculine, so after St. Michael made one of the longest cornice boards known to man, I covered the plywood with an old comforter my kids used to take to the beach when they were in high school.  (I'm cheap!)  Then I sewed my cowboy fabric together and covered the seams with silver-studded western style belts I got from Value Village (close ups next time, but it's really cute).  Then I hot-glued Battenberg lace table toppers I'd cut up to fit to the underside of the board and let them hang down.  Next, I placed red ticking (I'd bought with a 40% off coupon from Joann's) "panels" on short little curtain rods I had left from another old project and glued them to the underside, as well.  (I would never have had the guts to do this if it weren't for the NESTER!  Gotta love that woman!  She empowers us!)

This is the Pier One chest purchased on damaged/clearance several years ago as an anniversary gift to ourselves. It holds all my placemats, napkins, tablecloths, games, stationary, etc.    Our coffee table sits in the foreground of the pic.  (What could be more Texas-y than the seal of the Great State of Texas sitting beside a basket holding the Baptist Standard?)

This is the big ol' comfy chair we got off Craigslist a while back -- it was cheap and looked brand new!  Got the adorable flag pillow for .50 last weekend at a garage sale.  (You can't tell, but the stripes are red buttons shaped like stars and hearts.  I'd have bought the pillow just for the buttons alone!  I LOVE buttons!)

The other side of my Pier One chest:  A leather suitcase from a church garage sale ($3) and a big ol' basket from VV ($1.75).  The sock monkey was one of the last my great grandmother made. 

(I don't know why I can't get the computer now to stop underlining everything!  Arghhhh!)
The stairs are to the right of the suitcase-basket-stool/plantstand.  I have my grandson's favorite chair at "Papa and Jaja's" house sitting in the landing.  When a friend gave it to me, it was stained, but I painted it red last week and love it like this.  Just about everything else here came from VV or garage sales.

This adorable little cabinet sports an old metal "Macy's" tag on the inside of it.  I found it in the garage of our house when we moved in twenty-six years ago!  It was originally white, then antiqued blue, then green, and while Little Mama was here, I painted it red!  (Thanks to whoever suggested the Colonial Red spray paint.  Love it!)

My side table beside the couch is an old serving cart I got from a church garage sale for $3 and -- you guessed it -- painted red!

This is not a good picture of the Queen Mother's handiwork, but it's the best I have tonight.  (I'll take more later, but the softly ruffled skirt that's out of view, just makes it for me.) And the color is not good at all on my "window art."  Way too dark. The shutters are a beautiful, weathered shade of red, so I'll have to take another pic of it later, too.

And last, but not least!  My chair!  Now, I'm not down-playing my little mama's work at all (I could never have done the couch!), but I never had any doubts about what she could do.  ME, I had doubts about! (I kept imagining having to send Spencer at Bellamere Cottage an airplane ticket to Texas, so she could finish it for me -- she slipcovers everything!) So the fact that I actually got this done still astounds me!  

Okay, I know I overdid it on this post, but, what can I say?  I'm just excited to be back!  


  1. You have been a busy girl! I totally understand about the need to crash with the end of school, company, decorating projects, etc. Plus, I just got back from my dad's in Lockhart, TX and it's so HOT down there! Close your blinds and take a little nap. Your projects all look adorable. I love the vintage cowboy print with the battenburg lace. Brilliant combo. :)

    My computer is sick and I'm just writing to you now while son is at school. Hope to be posting soon. Oh, the flaunt your reds party is Friday the 26th hosted by Nancy at Southern Lady. There's a link on my sidebar.

    Take care.

  2. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comment about my plates. It's always so nice to meet new bloggy friends.

    I love the cornice board covered with that adorable cowboy cute! And I love that you call your mama... little mama. Gotta love us southern girls and all our quirks, right? RIGHT!


  3. I had to come by and see your slipcovers after the comment you just left! Wow, you mom did an amazing job! I'm so impressed! They look great!


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