Monday, May 4, 2009

Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

Here's my own little Trash to Treasure project from this week:

A few of you have already seen this baby, but since The Fall (not Adam and Eve, but the demise of my original blog, sadly, at my own hands) resulted in the loss of all of the pitiful not-in-the-right-spot-anyways pics I'd posted, I decided to put this one out there again. I snagged this lamp at a garage sale the Friday afternoon I got my cast off. (I told St. Michael that morning that if the Ortho Dude said I could finally drive after eight weeks, I was going home and getting in my little car and not returning 'til nightfall, and that was just about the truth of it!)

I thought this was the cutest lamp, but it was wearing a tired old yellowed and water-stained lampshade with a big mauve heart surrounded by country blue squiggly, scroll-y thingies stenciled on it. Well, you know how we nesters love our craft paint -- and as I'm learning from my fellow bloggin' sistas, our spray paint -- so I rescued this sweet thing, took it home, and hit up that ugly ol' lampshade with some black spray paint, and VOILA! I popped it on the by-now-cleaned-up lamp base, and I think it looks adorable! I put it on the dryer in the laundry room, and I love it! I added some scrabble letters that spell out LAUNDRY (I never pass up a Scrabble game at a garage sale or thrift store 'cause I LOVE those letters!) and a cute 80-cent basket from Value Village (my favorite local thrift store). I put an empty Cool Whip container in the bottom of the basket, so that when Baby Daughter and St. Michael clean out the lint trap, they can drop the lint into the basket, without it sticking to the sides of the basket and make it all fuzzy and gross. (More about the "Mmmmmm!"-lettered cabinet door another time, but suffice to say that those are brown-paper-bag drops of "coffee" adding oomph! to the coffee pot-shaped knob on the door.)

Even though I didn't do a whole post on her, I also snapped up this fabulous frilly girl a couple of days ago at Ross for $5.24. (Yes, I know that's probably more than I should've spent, but though the picture doesn't really have anything in it to compare her with, take my word for it, she's HUGE! And wonderfully fluffy! AND she matches two smaller tassels that are hanging on my bedroom closet doors.) I'll probably add something to her, but even if I don't, she's already gorgeous, and I love her!

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