Monday, May 4, 2009

Speechless . . . well, almost

I tell you, sistas, this trying to pimp out my blog or gussy it up or "dress it up" has 'bout caused me to lose my religion.  (Of course, that would actually be a good thing, as Jesus didn't come to give us religion but to give us relationship, but that's a whole 'nother blogsite.)  Suffice it to say that this evening has been filled with many "Jaja words."  (That's what my godly son-in-law, St. Bill, calls those words and phrases that he does not want my grandchildren to learn.  I'm JaJa.) 

Fortunately, for St. Michael (and the surrounding neighbors), the Jaja words have only rattled around in my pea-sized, techno-challenged brain (I used to say if I had two brains, one would be lonely) and have not escaped my lips.  But for the record . . . ARGHHHHHHHH!  (*%#@!!$?+!!#%@&!!)  

In an effort to get my blog to look more . . . well, like all ya'll's blogs (you know who you are, you Exceptionally Fine Women of Blogland  . . . oh, heck, I can't even call you by name now 'cause of this mess I'm in), I have totally lost what little of a humble blog I did have!  I fear that whatever I have previously posted, as pitiful as it might have been, has now gone on to Blog Heaven.  Okay, maybe that is a little overly dramatic, 'cause I think I can dig up some of it that I saved in documents, but dadgummit, it will all have to be re-uploaded.  (Is that a word?)  Or maybe I should just start fresh, throwing all else out and letting all previous words go on "to the light."  Or maybe I should push my Mac off the edge of this TV-tray from which I pretend to be a writer and . . . and . . . oh, I don't know what!  (I can't really blame the Mac, I know it's the darn operator.  Besides all my Bible study material is saved to the Mac, and I'd be in a world o' hurt if I lost that, too.)

So what's a woman to do?  Well, since I've already had my no-sugar-added Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream with sugar-free caramel topping for the evening, I guess something like REAL chocolate would be outta the question.  (Besides I already ate the piece that Denise gave me at church yesterday, and I don't know where anymore is.  Double darnit.)   I guess this means that I'll just hafta start drinkin' again.



One last word from the insane sponsor of this blogette (I'm facing it, I'm a wannabe-blogger) . . . I will try to get this thing back to some semblance of normalcy -- okay, yes, it IS a relative term -- over the next few days.  In the meanwhile . . . well, keep reading the really good blogs out there, and check back here later.  Eventually, I'm gonna pimp out this baby if it kills me!

And in the words of John Mayer,
    "One more thing . . . "

Just so the night wouldn't be a total loss, here's a little "P.S." salute to Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

Also, after you read about my little Trash to Treasure project, dash on over to to check out the original Trash-to-Treasure poster!  (Okay, ya'll, that's the very next thing I'll try to learn -- how to do the linky thingies!  For today, you'll have to cut and paste, I guess. OR go to the right side of my blog where I've listed the blogs I read, and just click on REINVENTED!  You'll be there in a flash!)

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