Friday, May 29, 2009


Note the over-sized sweatshirt wearing a small child on the middle row:
Yes, it's hard having a teacher who experiences 
tropical disturbances on a regular basis.

Woo-hoo!  FIVE more days, and SUMMER is officially on at Casa St. Michael!  School will be out!  My Little Mama (also known as the Queen Mother) arrives in the Great State of Texas from North Carolina (birthplace of me and Billy Graham) the day school is out, and the fabric will flow freely!   (I've always wanted something with slipcovers!)  She'll sew and I'll paint, and also try to catch the whole she-bang on film!  (Wait -- do we still use that phrase now that we have digital cameras?  Well, I'll "snap some pics" regardless!)   

Meanwhile, I'll be sharing some pics tomorrow of a few small projects I've completed around the casa.   Maybe I'll even work up the courage to post some pics of my dead-ostrich-shrouded chandy.  (See previous post.)  Just promise to laugh WITH me, not AT me.   

And, oh yeah, for some reason my "comments" thingie isn't working, so I truly thank those of you who've E-mailed me comments and encouragement directly!  All blog-lovin' sistas:  Please feel free to do that until I can figure out how to fix this problem!  (See "My Complete Profile.")

Grins and blessings this fine weekend!

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