Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm joining the Audubon Society . . .

My fabulous chandelier!  NOT!
(I mean, I WISH this were my chandy; it isn't!)

Well, I think one o' ya'll out there in Bloggerland needs to host "The Ugliest/Wildest/Craziest . . . " -- or perhaps just plain ol' "Most Likely to Cause Other Humans to Bust Out Laughin'" -- " . . . Chandy Tops" Party.

Y'see, I spent the better part of Wednesday evening cuttin' patterns and gluin' fabric and fringy stuff to some chandy shades that came with the big ol' ten-armed brass chandy I scored off Craigslist a while back. (You may remember from another post that it was advertised as coming with ten smooth black silk shades, but it came with ten red pleated silk shades. Casa St. Michael is sporting more red day by day, but these particular red shades just weren't the look I wanted.) I had already tried painting these little darlin's black, but . . . well, that just doesn't work very well with pleated shades. Then I tried being creative with scrapbook-paper-covered half-a-toilet-paper roll cylinders in place of the actual shades. No go. (No pun intended.) Still, I couldn't bring myself to ditch 'em entirely, so I thought they might could be saved by some other equally creative redesign. Enter poster board, extra fabric, and fringy stuff.

The first problem I noticed was that as each "new" fluffed and poofed shade took its proper place, the dining room got darker . . . and darker . . . and darker. No problem, really -- I have two other accent lamps in there I can turn on, and besides, with a few candles lit, I'll rename the darkness ambiance and no one will be the wiser! NOT!

Despite St. Michael's enthusiastic declaration that the shades were "Great! Really great, baby!", I suspected there was a problem when Baby Daughter came home a little later and asked why I had a dead ostrich hanging from the dining room ceiling. Okay, not quite the look I was going for, either.

Baby Daughter suggested that perhaps they would look better if the chandy itself were painted black instead of showing its au natural brass. But I like the brass (I know I'm behind the times), and besides, this summer St. Michael and I are going to paint the dining room furniture black (its currently a flakey white), and I think the brass will look great with that. Anyways, I don't know that black would bring the ostrich back to life. (Not to mention that St. Michael just might have another heart attack if I asked him to take the chandy down after he spent a whole cussin' afternoon getting it up.)

What's a Trying-to-Reuse-Recycle-and-Redecorating Woman to do?

Well, this one's gonna let that dead ostrich swing a while longer under the guise of exotic ambiance. At least until I figure something else out (or notice the neighbors walking their kids to swim team practice stopping to point at my dining room window and laugh).

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