Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you're not OCD, you just might be an EC!

How many of you are Emotional Cleaners? If you are, you know exactly what I mean, and if you're not, well, you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Let me explain.

There are some of us who just aren't predisposed to cleaning on a regular schedule or even on an as-needed basis. I know. We're sluggards in many ways. (Why do you think I don't have my full face on this blog -- I know it's a shameful way to be.) Ironically, we love beautiful homes, and we love to decorate, and so we wish we were different in this matter, but alas, we are not.

Since we ECs rarely do anything by regular method, we've learned alternative routes to getting to where we need to be. We know that for us ECs to really get a room whipped into shape, we must tap into that emotional part of ourselves.
There are a number of ways to do this, the most common ones being, 1) We plan some kind of social event at our house (thus, the emotion of mortification -- we know we'll be mortified if we don't get it together in time for our guests). 2) We complete a major remodel in some part of our home. (Of course, because of budget constraints, this is only good for once every 10 - 20 years or so. It took me, personally, 23 years before I got wood put down at Casa St. Michael. You should've seen that old carpet! Ugh!) And my personal favorite, 3) We buy some new piece of junque that we transfer into a fabulous jewel to put in one of our rooms, and then we hire a bulldozer to clean up the entire surrounding area just so that one new piece of fluff will be shown in its very best light! (A newly sewn pillow or window mistreatment or other finally-completed-but-previously-put-off-and-procrastinated project will also work wonders for us if there is no new piece of junque to be had.)
Well, I am excited to announce my new inspiration for getting things sorted out, thrown out, organized, re-fluffed, re-freshed, and re-furbished: My Little Mama is coming to Casa St. Michael on the last day of school! And she is coming to help me make slip covers for my couch and St. Michael's recliner! Woo-hoo! (If you remembering reading about the Great Couch Caper, a.k.a The Sofa Saga, then you know why this is an awesome happening!)

(This is the fabric I'm using to re-fluff and bring the RED into my breakfast room.)

(This is the 5' x 8' braided rug I got for the breakfast room from

As I mentioned in another posting, I'm moving from a more transitional look with rusts , browns, oranges, yellows, and greens to a cozier cottage look with a True Red (be still, my heart!), the same golden yellow, and the same greens. I've tried to scale back, but as my friend, Spencer, of Bellamare Cottage ( says, "Too much is never enough!" (And I am just a sucker for that fuller, layer-upon-layer look, and I've decided to quit fighting it and just go for it!) At any rate, this means I need a new look for those previously mentioned pieces of furniture, and I decided to try my hand at making slipcovers from dropcloths.

Did, I mention, though, that I am not a seamstress?

Still, I'm kinda mechanically-minded (at least that's what my ninth-grade aptitude test said), and I can generally figure out a way to put something together. However, my Little Mama can do ANYTHING with fabric and a sewing machine! So when she mentioned that she might be willing to leave God's Country -- North Carolina -- for a few days to head to the Great State of Texas to help me, I jumped at the offer.

This is exactly the kind of event that an Emotional Cleaner needs to get on track or to stay on track!

Of course, I was pretty excited and ready to get back into the nesting groove when I got my first taste of freedom from my cast and crutches. But there's nothing for the EC like also receiving a firm deadline -- preferably one that's not so distant that we fool ourselves into thinking we can afford to procrastinate a little (yeah, right -- a "little," my foot) but also one that's not so up-close and personal that we feel hopeless and overwhelmed.

My Little Mama will be here in about four weeks, so if I work diligently in the evenings and on the weekends, I should be able to get lots done before she gets here. (And actually, this is a necessity unless she's going to share a bedroom with me and St. Michael. Yup, it's time to pack away all those Santas that have been leisurely lounging around on the bed in the guest room. Make room for Nanny Franny, as my girls call my Little Mama!)

I'll be keeping you posted on my progress, but meanwhile, just enjoy the peek!

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