Friday, May 1, 2009

Fruition of Frugal Friday!

Okay, here's the deal . . . I am NOT a photographer, and I still don't have the hang of putting these pictures in the blog the way they should go, so just work with me here until I get it right!

Meanwhile, here are a few of the bargains I scored awhile back that are scattered throughout Casa St. Michael.   And, I'm spreading the bargain goodwill by putting lotsa goodies on Craigslist this week -- some rugs, decorative items, placemats, tablecloths, etc. -- 'cause I'm redecorating!  I love my deep red, "tearose" (golden yellow), and white bedroom, and have decided to go with that throughout the rest of the house.  I've noticed that when I see pictures of rooms done in those colors, my heart just about jumps outta my chest!  A sure sign that that is what I need to be surrounding myself with!  I'm keeping he tearose walls that are throughout most of the house (breakfast room is sort of a celery green), but I'm moving from lots of browns, rusts, golds, and oranges to that gorgeous red that I'm so crazy about.  As most of you can identify with, though, it's all about the budget (or lack of), so I am selling "old" stuff to buy "new" stuff!  (I've already bought my craft paint in the right shade of red, so I can repaint those things that are waiting for their re-do.  We frugal sistas love our craft paint, and as I'm learning in Blogland, our spray paint!)  

I'll definitely be covering the re-dos, but for now . . . here are those frugal frills I promised!

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  1. Hi there..thanks for popping by my blog...I love your blog and added myself as a follower. You've got some envy-able garage sale finds. It looks like we like the same colors. :)


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