Friday, May 22, 2009

Flaunting Red: One of My Memorial Day Weekend Projects


This is the only "before" pic I snapped before starting to repaint this kitchen cabinet last weekend. (I had just gotten the doors off when I thought about taking a pic.) And, yes, my kitchen cabinets are three different colors! The top cabinets are white (well, half of them are; the other half still needs to a new coat of white), the lower cabinets are a dark chocolate brown, and the tall cabinet where my oven and microwave are has been this "accent" sagey shade of green for a while. Since I'm putting more red into my house, I decided to change the color of this particular cabinet. (Wondering about the orange on the closed door to the left of the cabinet? It's an old football schedule of the high school where I used to teach. With all the guys pictures on it, I've had a hard time taking it down -- this IS Texas, y'know -- but this weekend, it goes!)

AFTER: Flaunting RED!

OMG! I had forgotten how hard it is to get red to cover really well. Despite a primer and SEVERAL coats of paint, it is still looking pretty streaky on the sides and not quite how I want it to look on the front, so this is NOT the finished product. This weekend, I'll be putting on what I hope will be the final coat on the sides of the cabinets, touching up some parts of the front, and then doing a little overall spattering to the whole thing to give it the look I want.

The mural above the cabinets has been done little by little over the years, and I'm going to add some more red to it over the summer. (There's already a little red school house just out of camera range, but maybe I'll add some little red cottages).

After this weekend, though, I plan to take a break from painting until my Little Mama gets here to make the slipcovers for the couch and St. Michael's recliner. I figure I can paint the rest of the cabinets while she's sewing. (It just doesn't seem right to make her work so hard while I'm watching HGTV and eating bon-bons.)
More red in the kitchen window above the sink. (And. yes, my lovely view consists of our driveway and the side of our neighbors' house.) This cute little lamp is a $5 yard sale find (same place where I got my wonderful breakfast room chandy). I just painted the ugly, worn metal parts and added some red accents to the handpainted primarily pink roses. The old wooden spindle candle holder was a fifty-cent find at another yard sale, and the brand-new cinammon-scented red candle-in-a-shaker-thingie was a $1.60 at Value Village.

This little angel flaunting red guards the plates in my open-storage cabinet. There's an old fasioned style to her, but I don't think she's really vintage since I got her at an ornament exchange Christmas party just a few years back.

Have a fabulous weekend, sistas!

(And next week I'll post pics of any projects I get finished this weekend.)

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