Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Couple of Quickies!

Here's a lamp shade I covered last week to go on a cute little rooster lamp I found after shopping my upstairs.  The fringe was a piece Baby Daughter's cat got ahold of, and it would've been headed to the trash had I not had a vision of poofiness!  (Of course these are the kinds of visions that lead to that exotic ambiance I talked about in an earlier post!)  This lamp now sits on a cake stand that was a birthday gift a few years back from my sister-friend Debbie.  And all of these goodies sit in my breakfast room on a butcher-block-topped antique Singer sewing machine base (painted barn red!) we inherited from St. Michael's childhood best friend, affectionately known as "Uncle Dave."  (The walls are really a much nicer, deeper shade of green, but they just don't photograph well.  Of course, it could be the photographer . . . )  The little sampler standing behind the cake plate was a recent ninety-cent Value Village purchase!  (I love old cross stitchings!) 

And this built-in corner cabinet used to have gathered fabric covering the opening, but last week -- inspired by all things rooster -- I covered a piece of foam board with the same tiny red check as the rooster lamp shade and then covered that with some chicken wire I'd spray painted black.  (The opening has to have some kind of covering as this is where I stash lots of craft crap.)  I used the dark green jute twine I had on hand to tie on some cute pics of roosters that I downloaded from the 'Net and then "mounted" on some postcard-sized pieces of tag board.  I also used some large red paper clips to attach some invites to some upcoming events.  (I figure if I see them every time I sit at the table, maybe I won't forget them!)

Hopefully, my pic-snapping will get better with more practice over the summer; meanwhile, maybe you can make out a little bit of the fun I'm having at Casa St. Michael.  (St. Michael is putting together a cornice board for me to cover and mount over the family room windows as we speak!)

Have a fabulous weekend, sistas!


  1. Oh yay! Girl, it has been worrying me to death that I couldn't leave a comment on your adorable blog. Other people have tried too. You've been the talk of blogland because we couldn't tell you that your comments were not working. I was worried that you would think nobody was visiting. You blog is so cute!


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