Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ya'll Are Amazing!

I never cease to be amazed at the things I find in the world of blogdom!  So many smart, sassy (in the best of ways!), creative, beautiful sistas out there sharing the most wonderful things!  (In fact, that's why I started blogging -- I thought, Wow!  I wanna do that!)  I am continually inspired, and if my ankle weren't broken right now, I'm sure I would've redone my whole house by now and gotten it organized, too!  (Of course, the flip side of that is that if my ankle weren't broken, I'd be at work and I might never have discovered the joys of being part of the Fellowship of Followers, as well as, now, a bonafide blogger, myself!)

As you know, I love decorating and everything about it, but my heart's desire and most pressing need at home right now is to de-clutter and get organized.  However, as I mentioned, I'm a little handicapped right now, no pun intended, so the challenge has been to figure out what I could do from a sitting position, putting no weight on my right leg.  Trickier than I ever imagined it could be.  

Obviously, I can blog while sitting, but if you could see my house right now you'd know why I'm chomping at the bit to do more than just hit the computer keys.  I've been in this recovery mode for five weeks now, and things weren't exactly all in place to begin with the night I slipped off the bottom step of the stairs here at Casa St. Michael. (To give you an idea of what I mean, the night I took my tumble, I was packing up and putting away Christmas stuff . . . and it was March 3!  Yeah, I know! I know!  THAT'S why I began this journey, remember!)  

So what's a gal to do?  Well, like many of you, I have stacks and stacks of decorating magazine, and like you, there are some I'm not quite ready to let go of yet.  Still, as a woman on a mission to de-clutter, I took the advice I've read on several other blogs:  I started a "house -- or dream -- notebook."  I went through all of the magazines that had accumulated in one of my many family room "reading baskets" and carefully tore out the following pages:  1) Decorating ideas, large and small (from individual items to entire room layouts that make me drool each time I see them); 2) Cleaning tips -- new ideas and how-tos; 3) Strictly seasonal decorating ideas; 4) Projects -- trash-to-treasure (or junkque-to-jewels) ideas and step-by-step decor directions; and 5) Recipes (no, I don't cook much, but my daughter loves to get creative in the kitchen, and she'll fix anything for me!).  I filled a binder I already had ($0!) with dividers and plastic page protectors I already had ($0!) and then slid each and every idea-page into the appropriate section of the binder.  By the time I was done, St. Michael was able to recycle a thirteen-inch-high stack of magazines.  He was grinning like a fool (so excited is he about my new direction), and I was feeling as if I'd finally accomplished something tangible!  Woo-hoo!  

Tonight while I'm watching NCIS, I'm moving on to the next basket of magazines . . . this clutter-clearing crusader's work has just begun!  

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