Saturday, April 11, 2009

To Be or Not To Be?

[NOTE:  The picture that went with this post was lost when I tried to make some changes to my blog layout, but it was a floral print sofa that looked either gorgeous or hideous, depending on your imagination!]

Okay, now before you voice an opinion or ask, "What the heck is THAT?", let me say that I, as much as anyone else, understand being downright frightened by some of the pics one can click on while investigating furniture on Craigslist -- pieces sellers have described in effusively glowing terms that might rival the description of a beloved relative one must -- sigh -- for some reason allow another family to adopt. I mean, who really believes that "unbelievably fabulous" is a phrase that should ever be used to describe a 1950s-60s-circa gold/orange/brown/olive plaid loveseat, complete with solid maple colonial-style-turned trim on each arm? (Don't get me wrong, I think shades of gold, green, brown, and orange can look great in a room, but only if they were put together sometime in this decade.)

To be honest, Baby Daughter's first response to this particular shot I downloaded from Craigslist, was much like mine was to the aforementioned past-its-prime-if-there-ever-was-one colonial couch.  "H-I-D-E-O-U-S-!" she gasped! She then proceeded to question my mental health. For the record, I don't think I'm crazy at all; rather, it is my humble opinion that I simply see possibilities where, obviously, she does not.

First of all, I am able to block out the blue wallpaper in the photo [an absolute must]. Then I envision this sofa parked comfortably on the wood floor of our family room . . . it's at home with a host of baskets in various tones, shapes, and sizes; a few wood hues; a whitewashed piece or two; some green and rusty-red pillows; a couple of predominantly white quilts, and some white battenberg lace here and there (all items I already have!) . . . Yup, I, for one, think this sofa could be the beginning of a sumptuously cozy, romantic room. And did I mention that this couch is thirty bucks? YES! THREE-OH dollars! (Those are the kinds of deals available to those who have visions of romantic country dancing in their heads while the rest of the world shops for brown leather and beige micro-fiber!)

Of course, I think I need to check out this potential bargain immediately, but St. Michael is not in agreement. He says we have too much stuff in our house right now. I've responded with my most convincing, "Well, we'll get rid of some of this stuff!" But he remains unconvinced. Still, let's suppose I could get rid of my current sofa and oversized chair, and even a ton or two of other miscellaneous past-treasures (easy come, easy go!), can anyone else out there see the potential in this floral extravaganza? Do YOU think it's worth checking out? And if it's in the perfect shape the owner says it's in, should I go for it (that is, of corse, IF I can convince St. Michael)? I'm eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Catch the vision, and bring it on, sistas!


  1. Of course I don't think you're crazy! It looks like a beautiful floral, and I definitely think it's worth checking out in person, and if it turns out to be something you love and it fits in with other things that you love, then why not? Good luck convincing the guy!

  2. Well, I filled a stock pot with hot, soapy water to wash all the treasures I bought while out junkin' with my mom...I dropped and broke the very 1st piece when I went to wash it!! :-(
    It was the sweetest plate signed by Dot Barton Nov'78..of course, my fav of the weekend. It was hand-painted violets with a gold edge and yummy green all around the outer edge. So, I added it to my ever-growing collection of dropped treasures...I think I see a mosaic bird house in my future. -DeniseMarie


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